The Role of Sales Professionals at Hemophilia One


Are you looking for a career that has extremely high income potential but even higher personal satisfaction? If you have a passion to serve the hemophilia community and change the landscape of medical care in the near future please consider working with our team at Hemophilia One.


At Hemophilia One, the Sales function provides sales support across the company’s businesses, regions and functions. Hemophilia One service to patients nationwide working with the hemophilia community and their unique needs. At Hemophilia One we are proud to say‚Ķ."Large EnoughTo Serve, Small Enough To Care".

A Rewarding Career

A career in sales at Hemophilia One can be a rewarding experience. Sales professionals at Hemophilia One play an important role in helping Hemophilia One achieve its mission to help save and sustain lives. It is this purpose that binds together Hemophilia One employees in pursuit of better healthcare in the United States, including increased access to life-saving therapies for people who need it most. It is a mission that provides extra motivation and job fulfillment to all employees across Hemophilia One’s businesses, functions and geographies.

Sales professionals at Hemophilia One interact with a variety of functions throughout the company, including Marketing, Reimbursement, Pharmacy Operations and Executive Management. In addition, Hemophilia One’s emphasis on innovation and creative tools that will benefit the hemophilia community creates an ever-growing array of opportunities for sales professionals.

A Range of Opportunities

As a leader in the community, Hemophilia One applies a unique combination of expertise in servicing the hemophilia patients that advance patient care to a new level. Hemophilia One sales professionals have an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients with hemophilia to provide a sense of fulfillment.

Freedom to Make Decisions

Hemophilia One sales professionals are provided a fund that will allow them to give back to their local hemophilia community. The amount is unlimited and dependent on the sales professional ability to increase their patient base. Hemophilia One is looking for a sales professional that is engaged in the hemophilia community allowing them to make the best decisions of how to improve the overall care of the patients in the local community.


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